Le Monde: Revolutionized on olive oil production

The Governor Olive Oil

Revolutionized The Production We have the great honour and write an article from Thomas Doustally. A journalist from Le Monde Newspaper mentioned us for the innovate and revolutioned production we do for The Governor Olive Oil. Firstly Spyros with his brother George not even 30 years old have change the olive oil production in Corfu […]

Telegraph: Learn the secrets of olive oil

olive oil

Learn the olive oil secrets Spyros Dafnis, producer of The Governor Olive Oil along and his brother George create their own “oleo culture”. Firstly they both single handedly put Corfu with variety lianolia into world’s olive oil map. In addition they married tradition, innovation with scientific research. Successed to create a new category of Health […]

Olive Oil Explanation of the Production Process

olive oil production

Olive Oil Production “Olive Fabrica”, is an olive oil production company specified in producing exclusively High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We control and participate in all parts of procedure. From farming, cultivation, harvesting, milling, storage and bottling. Our company based in Corfu island, Greece and farms 10.000 olive trees from the ancient “lianolia” variety […]