Olive Oil Explanation of the Production Process

Olive Oil Production

“Olive Fabrica”, is an olive oil production company specified in producing exclusively High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We control and participate in all parts of procedure. From farming, cultivation, harvesting, milling, storage and bottling. Our company based in Corfu island, Greece and farms 10.000 olive trees from the ancient “lianolia” variety of Corfu.


Every year we start by the end of September beginning of October harvesting and collecting only the fresh, green and unripe olives and we continue in November harvesting and collecting the ripe olives. Obtained directly from the olive tree with mechanic way and a robot system in a tractor which protects the fruits and the trees from damages.


Olives are transport directly to the Olive Mill within maximum 3 hours in order to remain as much as fresh as we can. The transportation of the fruits is made by open cases in order to be open air and breath. We are working the technic of “same day milling”.


In our olive mill, we are working the technic of “Cold Extraction” or “First Cold Pressing” which means that the entire process takes place under very low temperatures in order to certify that all nutrition ingredients will remain inside the product and safe. We try to certify that the olive oil will not only be superior in taste but mainly rich in nutrition value. The olive mill is a full automatic olive oil production line using the latest word of technology.


In the beginning olives are guided to the leaf separator where any remaining leafs will be taken out and separated from the rest of the olives. Once separated, the olives are washed with fresh water in the automatic washing machine and then after we measure the final weight, olives  are guided to the main crusher which is made from the stainless steel hummers.

After the crushing we produce the olive pate (or olive tapenade) which is guided in 4 different malaxators where it starts the milling for 30 – 40 minutes under a very strict environmental conditions such temperature under 27 degrees of celsius, specific add of water, specific rythm of turn  and with no oxygen. After this procedure the olive paste will be guided to the main separator which works with centrifuge system and produces olive oil and the pomace.

Final Stage

Final stage is the final separator where the olive oil will be cleaned from any remaining staff might be left inside the product from the previous procedure. Fresh olive oil is now ready for storage.

We store our olive oil in different area at stainless steel tanks with no oxygen inside under the temperature of 18 degrees of celsius and in dark place. 

We are making the bottling only under request, using a semi-automatic or a full automatic bottling machines.

All our areas are certified with ISO 22000 2005 HACCP.

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